Friday, May 20, 2016

Tattoo Progression

My photo of the original print
My original idea for my new tattoo (yay!) just popped in my head while I was watching boyfriend get his cover-up a couple months ago. I've known for a long time I wanted wisteria. Wisteria is one of the longest living flowering plants, with vines twisting around and around to strengthen itself. It symbolizes longevity and inner strength. It's also a known symbol of love and romance in Japan. It drapes over itself and becomes heavy with flowers so that you can walk under its canopies. Endless love, long life. 

Wisteria Walk is also the name of the street in Harry Potter where Mrs. Figg lives in Little Whinging. Bonus.

Photo cred: y-fu
Anyhow, I was sitting there thinking about tattoos and I thought about wisteria and Japan and like...I should just get a block print. I love art and definitely different mediums. With my first piece being a sketchy drawing, I'm excited to have this one have a print/watercolor feel.

When boyfriend, my mom, and I were at a museum in Boston they happened to have a Hokusai exhibition. I was able to see his famous wave, but was way more astonished by his series of waterfall prints. Especially, the amida waterfall. I love that circle. It's the sun and the moon and the ocean. Perfect. And so, here I am with a solid idea. 

I started looking at the print and realized I could absolutely throw the three brothers in there instead of those little picnic-goers. Done and done. Plus there's another little secret element we are going to put together tomorrow at the appointment. Every piece of art has to be signed right?

I get the tattoo TOMORROW. So, just for fun...below is the progression of the design (the really rough bits are me explaining to my artist the changes I'd like):