Thursday, June 30, 2016

Restauracja Morela, Kraków

Boyfriend was so excited to try the sauce he got his fork in my photo!
Special event or cozy dinner for 2, Morela is warm and welcoming

On our second night in Kraków following a harrowing visit to Auschwitz, a bottle of wine for myself wouldn't have been enough. Ghosts still filled my mind but, alas, we had to eat so boyfriend and I decided to find some traditional Polish food. After all, you can only eat so many fast food pierogi's (even if they are ah-mazing). We found Morela online after reading a few reviews and it by far lived up to the expectation. We immediately ordered Polish wine and ordered a few traditional dishes.

Potato pancakes with beef and pork goulash
Roasted Buckwheat
Traditional pork loin with bone
Stewed cabbage and roasted potatoes
All fantastic.

It seems like some 'meat and veggie' style dishes rely heavily on natural flavors, but at Morela that was not the case. The chefs fully develop the flavor profile for each dish with mustard seed and horseradish, pepper and herbs. The dishes were plain, no bursts of modern color or sculpted garnish. Instead, I thought they did a great job playing up the artisan style with a board for a plate and a rustic little skillet. Since we made a reservation, they saved us a charming window table where we got to watch the nightlife of Kraków drift by, sitting all cozy in a booth with candle light. The staff was exceptional. They spoke great English and seemed to enjoy helping us understand buckwheat and how it's prepared in Poland. I can't wait to stop in again.