Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Flashback: My dad's 60th

View from Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas
My parents are visiting London in TWO WEEKS. Boy, do we have a lot planned...yikes. Anyhow, in honor of their journey across the pond, I was just looking back on the family cruise we took through the Caribbean to celebrate my dad's big 6-0.
That gives you a pretty good idea about my dear old dad's personality
They don't warn you about how it's going to feel when you're parents start aging...
On one hand, you're stoked about their birthday celebrations and grateful for another year you had together. On the other, you're like stoooooooop. Panic, I need you, stay the same age forever and always or I'll just die. This cruise was the best thing. My dad rode dolphins! Crazy. And we ate way too much yummy cruise ship food. And...

He and I spent a day checking out Falmouth, Jamaica (just us). 

We played cruise deck shuffle board (totally amazing, by the way).  

We went to my pop's absolute favorite: Margaritaville

Look at that happy face haha

We celebrated with a suprise birthday dinner

"You stinkers..."

We even got Mexican tequila shots and the waitress tried to grab my boob!

I'm so glad we had this time together. I'm not a huge fan of cruises in the end but I'd join these people on any cruise they want to go on.

Happy (very) late Birthday pops. I can't wait to hear that glorious chuckle and see your smile again.