Wednesday, January 13, 2016

One day in Burlington, Vermont

While living in New York City the first year, we took a weekend trip to go snowboarding and check out the largest city in Vermont: Burlington. During the trip, I tried skiing for the first time (but that's another post). So, if you've got one day in Burlington, here is my recommendation of what to do: 

1. Hire a driver, you're going to drink a lot of delicious craft beer (or, bring along one of those silly people who don't like beer) 

2. Start the morning at the Ben & Jerry's Factory. Hilarious and wonderful tour of the facility. Those guys are just awesome. Plus, there's a discontinued flavors graveyard and lots of free ice cream to try (yay!).

3. Time to get drunk at Magic Hat Brewery. You can't not have fun in this Mardi Gras themed spot with costume props, a photo booth, brewery tours, and special new beers to taste. Their tasting coin system is also really clever. Don't forget to share with friends so you can taste everything!

4. Next, drive over to Fiddlehead Brewery for mayhaps a line, but a really nice pint in the end. Really unique flavors and a pure sort of down home craft brew kind of place (i.e. this isn't the one to show up to completely wasted). PS: I just love their logo. It's so cute. If you want, take a growler home, that's what we did.

5. You should be feeling pretty giggly by now, so take a 20 minute drive to the World's Tallest Filing Cabinet. Now, this, is something you brag to people about.

6. Right near by is Switchback Brewing Co. Hello snacks! They have an excellent - and huge - bar room so pull up a chair, get a nice big flight of beers to try, and chill for a while. Don't forget to peruse the goodies for sale because merch.
7. Last beer stop is Citizen Cider. If you didn't already stop for lunch or just need more munchie in your life, order a corn dog. So yum. They have several light (yet yum) beers here so you can get them down even after having 1 or 5 too many already.

8. If you were lucky enough to land a great parking spot near Citizen, take a walk down to the water. In winter, you can walk on it (yeah, we did that). Even so, great sporting goods stores so you can wake up next morning with a set of collapsible dishware and some rainproof panties you don't need.

I'd definitely visit Burlington again. If you've been, what did you love?