Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh

One word: gorgeous.
Paul Cézanne - The Big Trees
About 1902-1904
Recently we had an American friend visiting so we decided to take a quick flight up to Edinburgh for the weekend. The city is so perfect for a weekend. The weather was decidedly dreary but that's to be expected. Even so, we had some sun everyday...even if just a little. It's a nice city to walk around  in without an agenda. Still, as always, I knew I wanted to at least pop into the National Gallery. How can you not when you can see Cézanne for free?
I was blown away. Their painting galleries are just perfect. El Greco, Bernini, John Constable, Degas, Velázquez, Vermeer, and even two perfect Cézannes. Also, they boast a Monet haystack and even an American! Frederic Edwin Church from the Hudson River School. Not only do they have some impressive names, but the curators have done a remarkable job making the rooms linger-able and interesting. It's not your standard paintings by date or country. Instead, they mix works from different eras in a looser fashion but still hold to a general timeline. You could see it in 30 minutes for a quick walk through (but, if so, make sure you don't miss a trip up the round staircases to the second floor - those are the hidden gems) or stay for a good hour and half really taking it in.

A couple of new favorites

Lucky us they also had a neat outdoor architecture exhibition going on so I was able to snap a few annoyingly artistic photos (couldn't help it).