Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Soap box

In Amsterdam...where the red light district is safe and the
biggest news of the day is people being human canvases,
having fun painting each other.
I want to break from my usual travel stories and photos and such to talk about politics. And, just how sad it's making me today.

There's been more than usual turmoil recently in politics, government, people rising up all around the world. There always is somewhere, but the forces are gathering these days everywhere. With the UK and America charging ahead. Brexit happened. Trump is happening (even though I'm still trying to pretend it isn't so). Everyone is so anti-immigration these days and I'm just over here...expatting (sorrynotsorry).

For me, as a die hard American, the real truth of these matters is the heart to heart I'm having with my country. Growing up I heard what they teach us in school, then research in college, adulting with friends, occasional international friends who still seem to tip toe around American politics...all of that still summed up to a pretty narrow view. But now. Now, things are different. I see America from outside the house, peeking in the window and hearing the neighbors whispers. I hear what they say about our coveted freedom. I hear the accusatory tone with regards to ISIS and our involvement (or sometimes lack thereof) when it comes to refugees and human rights activity. The praise for our stability even if it comes with slow progress. The rampant racism and profiling that exists. It's unsafe for Muslims to travel...wow.

Don't get me wrong, I still love my country and always will. I just have a much healthier view I think.

I cried last night....watching a comedian. Why are comedians always providing the most honest news? Something isn't right there.

Jim Jefferies, an Aussie comedian who lives in America and carries some pretty heavy views on many things, explained how America isn't as free as people think. I knew that was true but hearing it spoken so plainly and simply brought my mind directly to the wall that is our system. And the fact that the simple betterment of laws is essentially impossible. And we can't even change our system because of checks and balances. It's all so hopeless. So I teared up.

I don't want us to be behind the world. Why can't we just legalize prostitution so people who are doing it anyway are safe and people participating aren't spreading disease? It's already legal now except someone has to be video taping it...like that makes any sense at all. Why can't we decriminalize marijuana? Prison creates criminals. Marijuana creates happiness. It's not that hard to figure out. Why can't we get MORE political parties? These old ones are tired. They are inconsistent and confusing. Let's shorten the terms of people in government. It should be an honor to serve, not a guaranteed bonus and tenure. Weapon regulation and control. Everyone else has it! Cops don't even have guns in England and I haven't heard one. single. news. story. about anyone who was blaming the law for their inability to protect themselves against violence. If everyone has guns, everyone has guns. More people with guns, more guns. More guns, more violence. Why is it so scary to some people to put in laws that help keep weapons from criminals? It's so simple to me. Why can't we have coed bathrooms everywhere? I don't understand what everyone is so afraid of. If a person feels like a man but looks like a woman, what does that have to do with you? Think of how single dads have been feeling all these years...where are they supposed to change their babies? Coed - simple fix for many problems. Why can't we legalize abortion and medical assisted suicide? Someone else's life is not your life so you shouldn't get to make decisions for it. Speaking of medical, health care. BASIC health care. This should be given to all people. What kind of a country won't stitch your wound because you're poor, won't provide a flu shot without an insurance card? It's embarrassing. 

And to top off all these problems, we have a pompous fool running around calling for registering Muslims on a list. Didn't anyone read Harry Potter? Muggle-born registration...the pink doily devil fed them to the dementors. What do you guys think build-a-trillion-dollar-wall Trump will do if he gets 2-4 justices and a Republican senate? Hate breeds hate like a disease. We should be lifting up our Muslim citizens and learning from them...not alienating them further. 

America, home of the free. All I can do is cry. I'm a global citizen now and I have no answers. There's nothing to be done.