Thursday, October 27, 2016

Frida y Diego: Museo Anahuacalli and the Casa Azul

The studio of Frida Kahlo

For my first full day in Ciudad de México I didn't want to waste any time not seeing all the painterly wonderfulness that exists here. I've been a fan of Frida Kahlo for years as a person, artist, woman. I also appreciate the artwork of Diego Rivera even if I don't think he's quite as baller a person as Frida (but that's a lot to live up to).

Knowing our super budget (and I mean suuuuper budget), I knew I'd have to make some decisions. Mexico City has several amazing options for museums and not just art either. Even so, I chose the Museo Anahuacalli and Casa Azul. Angelo and I headed to the metro for the hour or so ride south to Museo Anahuacalli from where we are staying in Chilpancingo. It's quite a walk from the closest metro stop, so I'd recommend grabbing a cab or bus from there.

SIDE NOTE: The street the museum is on is full of taco shops. We stopped at one and had carnitas. So so yummy.

Due to some issue with the museum's credit card machine and our lack of cash (finding an exchange place here is much more difficult than expected), they gave us the student price! Tickets for both museums we planned to visit for just 60 pesos (less than 4 USD). Yeah Yeah. That, plus the fact that our 4 huge tacos were less than 3 USD makes for happy us.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Travel Journal: Landed in Mexico City, 1 day down, 365 to go

We touched down in Mexico City at 1:02 PM today. The start of our long-term travel. Boyfriend and I have been thinking about this kind of permavaca for years. It just seems like when you do 2-3, even 5 week, trips you come home with serious FOMO. So many amazing travelers you meet on the way that gush about experiences that are just a quick bus away or just 3 extra days...but we can't. Back to work we go.

So, what did we do? We said fuck it, we can do that too. What's stopping us??

And here we are! I seriously can't believe it. I'm, like, still processing how I haven't been at work for 2 months already. It's flying by but also slow and easy. I've COMPLETELY basked in the love and comfort of home and family. We traveled around the Southwest United States over the last several weeks and stayed only with friends or family. It was incredible to have to the TIME to just chill. I feel like life is always missing time. And now that's all we have.

I just know there are life lessons on the horizon. I have to train myself to be cool with the still. To potentially go to bed early and wake up early because there is just no light to do anything by. To say no to things I want to do because I don't have the money. Because maybe the chance to see more and do less is more exciting. To live for months and months trying to learn the language but not really speaking it and constantly struggling to understand. To work with my hands, shoveling animal poo or cleaning up after children. Because sometimes humble work gives the soul space to grow. To let go of the phone and computer and look around me. Take it all in. To take cold showers and not look in a mirror for who knows how long. I know, deep down, that the things we think are so important...maybe aren't. But knowing is different than understanding.

Climbing the Cliffs of Moher

During a quick long weekend trip to Ireland, boyfriend and I drove up to the Cliffs of Moher. Believe it or not, we met up with a fellow TravBuddy via this lovely internet while having breakfast in Limerick who decided to join us! Once we arrived to the Cliffs (which is actually a lovely and very easy drive), we found the view to be incredible. For me, though, it did feel a bit far away. I kind of had to see it through my camera lens to enjoy it but I have bad eye, bad. Anyway, we were wondering around the pathways on top of the cliff when we discovered people had definitely went rogue previously and climbed DOWN. And do I ever mean down...that's a long winding trail, friends. Of course, my boyfriend was all "hey guys, let's go down"....(like, really?!). This guy really knows how to push my - I dare you - button without even trying. I never regret the challenge though. At least not so far ;)

So we started going down the first level. This was a pretty well trodden path. However, I would like to take a moment and share that I'm wearing black (old) slippery flats for shoes and carrying my whole purse. Perfect for hiking... Anyway there was a rock that jutted out down there so it felt safe coming down cause at least you aren't going to fall down the cliff! We took a few photos and went on our way forward. Circling around the cliffs to the right, you have to search around in the high grass to find the discolored grass where people had managed to climb/crawl their way down. This part had no lovely large rock blocking an ominous fall. Grrreat. Boyfriend took off and was to the bottom before I turned the first zigzag but such a gentlemen our new friend Boris made himself a few little checkpoints and waited for me to make sure I didn't fall to my death on the huge rocks (not that him standing there made any difference unfortunately). I have to add quickly here that my love is a gentlemen too, he just already knew I would be just fine, which I love about him. So, I kept calm and steady as a tortoise but I made it. One time I did grab onto the wet tufted grass to steady myself which had way more give than expected. Not to worry, though, I'm here writing this post :)

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Relaxation Station

Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico
Dear dear blog,

I have been neglectful, I won't deny it. We moved our things back to America in early September and have been traveling the US mostly doing nothing but hanging out with family...perhaps throwing in a few fun things. We are prep prep prepping for the next big adventure so that (and doing nothing) has taken up all my time. Organization: what a hassle. Anyhow, I'm getting pumped  about some blog posts so I'm just making a quick post today to get back in the mix. More and more people have been asking about how boyfriend and I are tracking our travels and where to go to see what we are up to. If you've been reading this already, yay! But, also, I suppose you prrrrrobably know me in the real world and may know I'm generally about 6 months behind actual life when it comes to updating this lovely page of my mine. SO I will do better, I want to do better, I am going to do better.

Permavaca. That is my status.  If I have no obligation besides fun and money management of the meager daily allowance I've given myself, then why shouldn't I be blogging regularly? No reason. No reason at all.

I've also decided to pay a bit of money for an actual domain name (WHA?). That is what's to look forward to...and maybe a little more revamp of my site.

The promise is made. I'm hoping for happy travels and lots of good posts in the very near future.