Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Climbing the Cliffs of Moher

During a quick long weekend trip to Ireland, boyfriend and I drove up to the Cliffs of Moher. Believe it or not, we met up with a fellow TravBuddy via this lovely internet while having breakfast in Limerick who decided to join us! Once we arrived to the Cliffs (which is actually a lovely and very easy drive), we found the view to be incredible. For me, though, it did feel a bit far away. I kind of had to see it through my camera lens to enjoy it but I have bad eye, bad. Anyway, we were wondering around the pathways on top of the cliff when we discovered people had definitely went rogue previously and climbed DOWN. And do I ever mean down...that's a long winding trail, friends. Of course, my boyfriend was all "hey guys, let's go down"....(like, really?!). This guy really knows how to push my - I dare you - button without even trying. I never regret the challenge though. At least not so far ;)

So we started going down the first level. This was a pretty well trodden path. However, I would like to take a moment and share that I'm wearing black (old) slippery flats for shoes and carrying my whole purse. Perfect for hiking... Anyway there was a rock that jutted out down there so it felt safe coming down cause at least you aren't going to fall down the cliff! We took a few photos and went on our way forward. Circling around the cliffs to the right, you have to search around in the high grass to find the discolored grass where people had managed to climb/crawl their way down. This part had no lovely large rock blocking an ominous fall. Grrreat. Boyfriend took off and was to the bottom before I turned the first zigzag but such a gentlemen our new friend Boris made himself a few little checkpoints and waited for me to make sure I didn't fall to my death on the huge rocks (not that him standing there made any difference unfortunately). I have to add quickly here that my love is a gentlemen too, he just already knew I would be just fine, which I love about him. So, I kept calm and steady as a tortoise but I made it. One time I did grab onto the wet tufted grass to steady myself which had way more give than expected. Not to worry, though, I'm here writing this post :)

Going down and going back up!
Barefoot on the rocks...thank goodness for those elephant feet I got from my mom's side. Best ever. I definitely feel like I should receive an honorary rock climbing medal or something. When we finally reached the top, we just sprawled out in the grass all sweaty. So. Worth. It.

Our new friend Boris
The view was absolutely amazing. The water so cold. The rocks so big. It felt a little bit like getting into trouble on purpose. We were definitely those crazy people who everyone was gawking down at from the top. It was fun. We ran around on the rocks, put our feet in. Mostly just enjoyed the desertion of the quiet place sitting just below the madness of crowd looking over the ledge. It's one of my favorite times in life and I'll never ever forget it. We were the only ones down there and I'm pretty sure that's the first time I had a pile of valuables on a beach and did not have to worry about anyone nabbing them. I'll neither forget the kindness of our new completely unknown friend nor the rush of that climb or those waves, of that I am certain.

What a great day.
If you're planning to visit the Cliffs of Moher, I would suggest skipping the museum and using the restroom before arriving (expect a very long line for the women and a quick in-and-out for men, as per the usual). There isn't much food around, so you'll want to grab a bite and tea at one of the little towns on the way. The drive is gorgeous so go in good weather if possible.