Thursday, October 6, 2016

Relaxation Station

Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico
Dear dear blog,

I have been neglectful, I won't deny it. We moved our things back to America in early September and have been traveling the US mostly doing nothing but hanging out with family...perhaps throwing in a few fun things. We are prep prep prepping for the next big adventure so that (and doing nothing) has taken up all my time. Organization: what a hassle. Anyhow, I'm getting pumped  about some blog posts so I'm just making a quick post today to get back in the mix. More and more people have been asking about how boyfriend and I are tracking our travels and where to go to see what we are up to. If you've been reading this already, yay! But, also, I suppose you prrrrrobably know me in the real world and may know I'm generally about 6 months behind actual life when it comes to updating this lovely page of my mine. SO I will do better, I want to do better, I am going to do better.

Permavaca. That is my status.  If I have no obligation besides fun and money management of the meager daily allowance I've given myself, then why shouldn't I be blogging regularly? No reason. No reason at all.

I've also decided to pay a bit of money for an actual domain name (WHA?). That is what's to look forward to...and maybe a little more revamp of my site.

The promise is made. I'm hoping for happy travels and lots of good posts in the very near future.