Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Travel Journal: Landed in Mexico City, 1 day down, 365 to go

We touched down in Mexico City at 1:02 PM today. The start of our long-term travel. Boyfriend and I have been thinking about this kind of permavaca for years. It just seems like when you do 2-3, even 5 week, trips you come home with serious FOMO. So many amazing travelers you meet on the way that gush about experiences that are just a quick bus away or just 3 extra days...but we can't. Back to work we go.

So, what did we do? We said fuck it, we can do that too. What's stopping us??

And here we are! I seriously can't believe it. I'm, like, still processing how I haven't been at work for 2 months already. It's flying by but also slow and easy. I've COMPLETELY basked in the love and comfort of home and family. We traveled around the Southwest United States over the last several weeks and stayed only with friends or family. It was incredible to have to the TIME to just chill. I feel like life is always missing time. And now that's all we have.

I just know there are life lessons on the horizon. I have to train myself to be cool with the still. To potentially go to bed early and wake up early because there is just no light to do anything by. To say no to things I want to do because I don't have the money. Because maybe the chance to see more and do less is more exciting. To live for months and months trying to learn the language but not really speaking it and constantly struggling to understand. To work with my hands, shoveling animal poo or cleaning up after children. Because sometimes humble work gives the soul space to grow. To let go of the phone and computer and look around me. Take it all in. To take cold showers and not look in a mirror for who knows how long. I know, deep down, that the things we think are so important...maybe aren't. But knowing is different than understanding.

Boyfriend and I talked in the airport terminal about our goals today. We know we want to practice Spanish. We know we want to meet people, build connections, learn those things you can only learn from empathy and personal experience. But, I think, most importantly we want to live without consistant work. There's something about not knowing where your next bit of cash will come from. Accepting that a dollar saved is a dollar needed and that 5 dollars an hour isn't so bad after all. I just want to continue a life of appreciation. Being thankful for what I have and working hard to get what I want. Right now, I want to experience absolutely everything I possible can.

I hope hope hope these goals and dreams come to fruition and that I don't give up and book a ticket home, or worse: completely lose it. For now, I'm grateful to be sitting here at a new friend's apartment in the capital of Mexico drinking a michelada while my love watches a movie, about to look up some more amazing things to do here. Wish me luck internets, I might be needing it more now than I have yet to in this life.

Life Mexico City

My first chiliquiles in Mexico and are these ROUND carnations? 
Um, carnations just got moved up a few notches.

Trees on trees guys, trees on trees. 
This flower was on a tree. Orchid tree? Maybe that's a thing.