Saturday, November 12, 2016

Adventures to Hierve el Agua

We met up with our new friend Josh to head out of Oaxaca City to see the salt waterfalls. It was supposed to be about an hour and a half journey on a bus. What we didn't know when we met at Josh's hotel is that the bus from Oaxaca Centro leaves early in the morning so we missed it. Several sources were telling us different things about how to get there. So, we basically tried each and every way. We ended up eating breakfast in the mercado, walking to the center, by the bus station, to a special bus station, to a big bus station. And finally, I remembered Tule was on the way to Mitli (the town at the bottom of the Hierve el Agua mountain).

Once we arrived to Tule, we walked over to their infamous tree. It is a montezuma cypress and the widest tree in the world (pretty amazing). My guess is they were experiencing a lot of vandalism because they put a big fence around it, kind of a shame. AND they charge like 10 or 15 pesos to just go up to the fence! They are currently on the tentative list for a UNESCO heritage site so maybe once they get it, they'll get some kind of funding or something and can make it a little better experience. Still, Tule is a great little stop. They have a lot of unique souvenirs and better clothing styles than are common in Oaxaca City. 

New friends sharing mezcal and charred agave leaves prepped for smashing

From there, we had to stand on the street for 20 or something minutes to find a collectivo (shared car) on to Mitla. We hopped in with two girls who ended up asking if we could detour for a mezcal tour and tasting. Of course we were in! It was all in Spanish but still interesting to see the process.

Once we arrived to Mitla, we jumped right into a pick up truck with wooden benches in the back for the last bit of the journey. I read online it was supposed to be really bad but actually, it wasn't too crazy. We may have been lucky with our driver but he was careful on the cliff edges.

View out the front windoow (above the cab) and out the back of the truck

We arrived to Hierve el Agua and I was immediately in awe. It's so so beautiful. I mean, these photos!

We swam in the water and hiked around to see the first waterfall from the second.

I was sad to leave that place so the ride back home was somber. And, might I add, a lot easier (luckily).

If you have the opportunity to visit Oaxaca, do not miss this.