Monday, November 7, 2016

Churro y Tortas: the best in Mexico City at El Churrero

Churros y torta

At our friend Ricardo's buddy's suggestion, we went to El Churrero (I think it used to be called El Moro) for a late lunch after a day out exploring the city. It's only a quick walk from the Angel of Independence which is a must see in the city. Also you pass by the plaza and park area so you might catch a local event or outdoor exhibition (if you're lucky like we were).

We came upon this sculpture exhibition in the park

The restaurant is cute and modern. My initial impression was they must have strong financial backers because they obviously put a lot of money into making it seem appealing to a hip crowd. It looks like something you'd find walking around Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Sometimes the fancier looking the restaurant, the blander and unauthentic the food. Alberto insisted they were traditional so we got excited. There is a bit of a line but it goes quickly so jump in anyway. Their menu is really simple so even non-Spanish speakers can easily make a decision.

Tortas: Mole (chicken in a sauce made from chilis and chocolate) or Pastor (chicken marinated in spices and cooked on open flame)
*Both are delicious so you can't go wrong
Churros with several types of sauce
*I suggest caramel but with goat's milk
Churro Ice Cream Sandwiches
Other beverages

PS: Tortas are a Mexican sloppy joe for lack of a better description. If you're ever in Mexico City, look up El Churrero. You won't regret it!