Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Through Puebla: Travel fears and my first bus in Mexico

Ok, so the internet can be a very scary place. You look for some info and BAM you never want to leave your house again. The number one fear factor for me on this journey is bus travel. The stuff online is scary AF. All the way from people taking a knife to your luggage and pulling stuff out while it's under your seat (or in the hold) to being pulled over and TAKEN by 'cops' who are not actually cops but bad bad people. My fear for this is much higher in places like Honduras and El Salvador but Mexico has it's risks as well. I hate to play the how you look card but, let's be honest here: I'm white (and do I ever mean white), I don't speak the language well (if at all at times), and I'm a female (we all know what that means). Prettttty much everywhere I've traveled outside of Europe and Canada this all adds up to a little extra attention. So, I do get a bit fearful. Many many female (and sometimes solo female!) travelers are just super badass and don't seem to carry these fears. Props to them (like big time props) but that just isn't me. I'm cautious and less trustful then most of my traveler counterparts. I do hope that eases after a long travel like this one. Don't get me wrong, I've met tons of wonderful people and do believe most people are good and caring. I think I've just experienced a lot of harassment and a lot of people repeatedly telling me to...go the corner where no one can touch you (on a train in India), go home in a cab right away because this is a dangerous neighborhood (on the block where I live), never go to the bathroom alone, where a scarf over your hair to be safe (in Marrakech), and stay in the car because I can't let you walk at night with that hair color (two nights ago). That shit gets to me I guess.

Anyway I just took my very first bus ride in Mexico and boy oh boy was the internet wrong. Which is, of course, no surprise. It was very organized...well, maybe not the getting to the right place in the bus station part. We had luggage tags that they don't even give you on Megabus in America. There was a tv, the most comfortable bus seats I've been on, we stopped for a bathroom and cheap eats several times. They switched drivers half way so you never had to fear the driver would get sleepy. The drive was smooth and there were luggage racks inside as well so you don't have to keep your stuff by your feet but can still keep an eye on it.

And, the scenery in Puebla! Those cacti tho, amiright?

We arrived near the time it said we would (within 15 minutes) and the guy checked every bag tag. I absolutely recommend bus travel in Mexico on ADO, AU, or one similar. If I take any other lines, I will add it to this post.

I was so comfortable, we added in another bus trip (not the only reason) to Puerto Escondido this weekend and I'm not nervous at all :)