Monday, November 7, 2016

Travel Journal: Ciudad de Mexico

Another interesting day in Mexico City. We woke up late, had our leftover dinner for breakfast con huevos (that budget life). Then headed to the metro to see the city center. I wanted to see the Diego Rivera mural at Palacio de Bellas Artes but when we arrived it wasn't in the lobby like I'd hoped so we'd have had to buy tickets to the museum in order to see it. Boo. So, we didn't. Even so, I'm really glad we checked it out because the building itself (and lobby) is amazing! It's the perfect example of art deco style with little aztec and traditional Mexican touches thrown in. I highly recommend a visit, especially since it's the perfect place to start a city center walk about. From there, it's straight down to the main plaza.

It's so fun having everything decked out for Day of the Dead. We passed by a city memorial and several clothing stores. Annnnd we stopped for cookies.

After that, we headed over to Chapultepec park at a friend's recommendation and came upon what seemed to be a military memorial and then a series of sculptures dedicated to each state in Mexico made out of guns and gun parts. It was fun trying to read the Spanish story and poem associated with each. We also took a walk through the park to see the castle.

Sculpture made from guns and pastor tacos (yum yum)

We are staying with a friend of Angelo's who is so so so nice and cool. He let us stay in his apartment when he was out of town. And then, today, when he got home he went out with us to tacos (pastor tacos... mi favorito) and a lucha libre match.

Lucha libre....that shit is fun. And crazy. We got the bench seats at the top for like 40 pesos. The female luchas were definitely my favorite! Plus it was a special Dia de Muertos night. It pretty tough to get any good photos but trust me, super super cool.

I'm so glad we have another day here and Saturday night no less ;)

Stay tuned!