Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Travel Journal: Zicatela, Puerto Escondido

Paradise. There isn't much else to say. It's warm, perfect beaches, amazing waves, delicious fish tacos (at Dan's!), easy to get around by jumping on a shared taxi truck (colectivo).

We stayed a hostel called Daikiri. It is slow season so it was mostly quiet but we had one fun evening playing cards and drinking.

I tried my hand at Risk. Which is, the worst game ever for me. Problem one: I hate dice games cause I'm just a bad bad roller. Problem two: I don't like the aggressiveness. It's like a personal attack. Even worse than Monopoly (which I've almost ended relationships over). Anyway, don't know if I'll be attempting that one again. I really miss Pandemic. Now that's a game I can get behind. It was really clever, someone had written dares and other mini games on each of the Jenga blocks! Some of them were obviously meant for college kids, but cute idea. I want to do it when I get back home.

You can see the cresent moon in the upper left! So cool :)

We cooked meals in the hostel kitchen and went swimming every day. I'm so glad we had a beach break before we head down to work with kids in Guatemala. Vacation during vacation is not a bad idea I guess :) I think if I come back, I'll explore some new beaches. It would also be fun to visit in high season and see the difference.

On to Chiapas from here xo