Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Volunteering with Kids and Living in the Jungle: Best and Worst Things

Casa de Ninas Voluntarios
My Worst Things:
1. Sleeping in Casa de Ninas with the kids (bugs, gross mattress, crying kids, disgusting bathroom)
EDIT: Sleeping there is a lot better with the hammock
2. When the water goes out in our house and all you want in the world is a shower
3. Mosquitos

My Best Things:
1. Practicing a lot of Spanish (I learn something new at least once a day)
2. Good experience teaching English and running a classroom (crafting super bonus)
3. Sharing the struggles with Angelo and other voluntarios

Angelo's Worst Things:
1. Too much time around kids
2. Hectic schedule break, off, break, off...unlike a normal work day
3. Difficult to be comfortable due to the damp, uncleanliness, and insects

Angelo's Best Things:
1. Cheap to live
2. Spanish practice
3. The personal challenge

*Worst listed first. Always good to leave on a positive note.
Thumbs up for English class!