Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dive Log: Big trumpet fish and snapping at the anemones

Dive: #5
Date: Dec. 13 2016
Site: Radar Reef, Utila, Honduras
Buddy: Angelo
Type: Fun Dive

Weights: 4 kgs
Wetsuit: 3mm
Temp: 27 c
Visibility: 10-15m
Current: Mild

Max Depth: 17.8m
Bottom Time: 42 minutes
Guide: Divemaster Nicki (PADI #384345)

Total Time: 203 minutes

Description: My second fun dive and my first time with a new guide. Angelo and I did well as buddies. We are still figuring out how to dive together. He likes to move along slowly and see as he swims but I want to linger and watch a fish for a while or really see how the coral moves over a few minutes. From now on we are going to decide who between the two of us is going to 'lead' our dive. I think I'll forever have trouble with guides going too fast though. I really like to observe everything down there and that takes longer than a few seconds. 

Nicki taught us how to snap our fingers near the anemones and make them bounce back in. So cute. She has a little waterproof book full of aquatic life in the area so I was able to identify several fish - including the trumpet fish which Angelo and I had seen before on our 3rd dive. There was a really big one at Radar Reef. They actually look a bit scary underwater.