Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dive Log: Eel, Eel, Turtle, SEAHORSE and underwater caves!

My first dive crew - Utila, Honduras
Dive: #6
Date: Dec. 13 2016
Site: Teds West, Utila, Honduras
Buddy: Angelo
Type: Fun Dive

Weights: 4 kgs
Wetsuit: 3mm
Temp: 27 c
Visibility: 10m
Air Consumption: Start 3000, Finish 1400

Max Depth: 11.6m
Bottom Time: 42 minutes
Guide: Divemaster Nicki (PADI #384345)

Total Time: 245 minutes (4 hours and 5 minutes)

Description: Our last dive on Utila island in Honduras. We went back and forth on whether to stay for an advanced class. Ultimately, we decided we are on a long travel and spending another $300 on diving (even though that's a great price for Advanced level) just didn't seem smart. Luckily, this dive was incredible! An awesome way to end the week and our descanso from Casa Guatemala. We went down quick which made me feel confident and comfortable. Jump in, descend, get trim, and away we go. The 42 minutes really felt like 42 for the first time. 

We saw a spotted eel in a cave. Got pulled away to see a turtle. He was a pretty small turtle (compared to the ones we saw snorkeling in Playa del Carmen a few years ago) but he was super adorable. He was just swimming his little way up the reef nice and slow. And all on his own. Then...and you're not going to believe this one...we saw a seahorse. Ohhh man was that little dude cute. He was red so down there he looked kind of brown/maroon and his bottom spiral was wrapped around a piece of coral. He was bobbing up and down with the current, basically cruising down the street in my 64 with that head nod. Then we saw an awesome lobster. It was blue with big long antenna coming out. He just poked his head out from the cave. After that we actually swam through underwater caves. So cool. I came out first and turned around to see Angelo behind me. It would have made the coolest photograph. I love to watch him in the water. He's just as interesting as the fish blowing all those bubbles and swimming around weightless like a moon walker. 

Then just as I knew we were about to make our ascent, we saw another eel. A big one this time who was green and mean looking. I absolutely thought of the eels in the Little Mermaid. I got in close to him and he opened his mouth at me. Such an awesome dive to end on. I can't wait to get back in the water!