Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dive Log: My first dive and swimming with Freddy the whale shark

Dive: #1
Date: Dec. 11 2016
Site: Moon Hole, Utila, Honduras
Buddy: Angelo
Type: Training Dive

Weights: 4 kgs
Wetsuit: 3mm
Temp: 27 c
Visibility: 15m

Max Depth: 12m
Bottom Time: 36 minutes
Guide: Instructor Sam (PADI #310521)

Total Time: 36 minutes

Description: My very first dive in open water. We swam near the coral and I worried about my buoyancy but I did better than I expected. Angelo and I practiced our hand signals and we did some skills with the instructor. I was surprised by the stillness underwater and how quiet it is. During the confined dives I didn't notice because I was preoccupied with the course. We had more wait time and even a little swim around. I saw some beautiful fish but mostly just interesting coral. I remember thinking the world looked so odd without red in it. 

After we left the first dive, we were back on the boat to do some whale shark searching. Our captain (holla Capt'n Cookie) found us two whale sharks and I swam with them BOTH. I named the big one Freddy. He swam right at me, right underneath me, and then I chased him for a while. I felt like he was interested in me and lingered just to freak me out. I accidentally touched his back fin with my fin. We basically had a moment together. His pattern was just incredible...and his size. So massive! It's seriously one of the coolest things that I've ever experienced. I never had swimming with sharks on my life list (mostly because that sounds scary AF) but if all sharks were like Freddy, I'd swim with them every single day <3