Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dive Log: Sea fans and parrotfish

Dive: #3
Date: Dec. 12 2016
Site: Aquarium, Utila, Honduras
Buddy: Angelo
Type: Training Dive

Weights: 4 kgs
Wetsuit: 3mm

Max Depth: 13m
Bottom Time: 45 minutes
Guide: Instructor Sam (PADI #310521) and Divemaster Oliver

Total Time: 121 minutes

Description: We saw sea fans swaying gently in the current. As we were on our knees doing some more skill training, the current was swaying everyone back and forth. Apparently this wasn't even a strong current! We had a 10-15 minute swim around. It felt a bit worrisome when I could no longer see the line coming down from our dive buoy. But I trusted our guide Oliver so it was all good. I saw my first parrotfish. They are absolutely beautiful! The little dude was just munching on some for the munch and back out, in for the munch. So cute. The parrotfish is absolutely stunning underwater. Not only does it have beautiful coloring and an almost translucent appearance but its big enough you can see its little facial expressions (well, at least I think I can). Google it! You won't regret it.

Speaking of, one of the biggest regrets of my life happened on this dive. Right behind me during the skill training: I saw it. A perfect sand dollar just floating around on top of the sand. It had the most beautiful shape and no imperfections. I wish I would have snagged it and stuck it in my vest. But you're not supposed to touch anything! Much less lift anything up and take it with you...damnit. I should have just broke the rules. Now I'm thinking I might get myself a sand dollar tattoo in honor of this sand dollar and of my experience scuba diving. Then I never have to worry about finding another one and I'll always have that one with me. We'll see :)