Wednesday, December 28, 2016

My Travel Journal: Christmas at Lago Atitlan

Atitlan Lake is probably the most popular destination in Guatemala. It is a valley between several mountains and two main volcanos in the area, the bluest and clearest I've ever seen in fresh water. You can snorkel, kayak, paddleboard, swim, name it. You can even scuba dive to see the streets and buildings now deep underwater. I heard you can even scuba through a hotel lobby! Plus, the surrounding towns are unique and filled with Mayan culture. Believe it or not, I saw the lake from the top of Acatenango but that's another post...

Our Casa Guatemala volunteer buddies had all planned to meet for a Christmas holiday at the lake town of San Pedro La Laguna. Originally, Angelo and I were meant to stay at CG but once we decided to leave early, it was a no brainer to stop and see them since we planned to visit Atitlan anyhow. We arrived on Christmas Eve and had a quick dinner before setting out for drinks...

This blurry drunkeness
sums up our Christmas
quite well
...As it turned out, it was a quiet evening so we ended up going to bed fairly early and getting some needed rest (after hiking up a volcano the two days before). Christmas morning was full of delicious bagels, good coffee, mimosas, and a yummy breakfast. After, we hit the pool, walked around town, and went kayaking.

The lake was a dream. During our kayaking, we sang Christmas carols, yelled at our on-shore friends (to no answer haha), and we even stopped at the dock for more beers.

It was more floating that kayaking if I'm honest but we had a great time with our new friends from the hostel. That night included some pretty heavy drinking and a lot of fun dancing. A bar called Sublime offers 5Q drinks! The all time best thing: to see the fireworks going off all around the lake at midnight on Christmas Day. Guatemalans love their fireworks. I wish there was a way to take photos of them but it was also great  to just sit back and watch. Overall, another great Christmas with a lot of shenanigans and a lot of love.

Lastly,  Christmas isn't Christmas without Facetimin' with my beautiful momma <3