About Me

Hi! I'm Ellie - an American from Oregon, I grew up mostly in Oklahoma. After college, I ventured out to Denver to start my life. I bought a house at 24 and fixed it up myself (taking a sledge hammer to built-ins and feeling generally bad ass). I found the best dog in the world, called Gryffindor. AND I fell in love. Boyfriend and I moved to California and I painted watercolors in the sand. Once wanderlust set in, we went to climb the hills of San Francisco for a year having a taste of the tech world and some really great ice cream. After that, we moved to New York and found careers in finance. Last year, we were living in London with a view of Kings Cross. I spent many a moment lingering about platform 9¾ hoping to spot a wizard. And now, we quit our jobs in September to travel full time...well, for as long as our savings holds out.

I write this blog to help me remember my experiences. Someday I hope I'll be able to look back at all the adventures and be inspired to find a new place to explore. These stories are of travel, food, art, culture; and ticking things off my life list.

A few fun facts: I'm a daydreamer, love Lady Grey with lemon and clover honey. I have the most fun when dancing and I'm happy in a swimsuit. I marvel at flowers and love to photograph them. I've read Harry Potter 19 times...because love always wins. I could watch old musicals all day and I sing even though I know I sound terrible (poor boyfriend). I feel strongly about politics, human rights, and cute animals. I'm a list maker and love spreadsheets. When I can, I make paintings and work with my hands.

I hope you enjoy my stories