Life List

Last Updated: December 15th 2016
Up next: Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua (hopefully!)

Parasailing (Playa del Carmen - July 2013)
Have breakfast at Tiffany's (5th Ave., NYC - August 2014)
Try caviar (Christmas Eve dinner, KL Tower, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 2013)
Go wakeboarding
See an Elizabeth Murray painting (Kansas City, Missouri - Fall 2008)
NFL game (Baltimore Ravens vs. San Diego Chargers, San Diego, CA - Fall 2012)
Fly first class
Visit Salvador Dali's museum in Barcelona
Make a soufflé
White water raft down the Grand Canyon
Old plantations in the South (New Orleans, September 2015)
Find a whole and perfect sand dollar
Visit a brewery (Stone Brewery, Escondido, CA - Fall 2011, and now tons!)
See the northern lights
See Brunelleschi's Baptistry door in Florence (December 2015)
African safari
Travel by train (Train through Java, Jakarta to Yogyakarta, Indonesia - Winter 2013)
Horse Races (Carlsbad, CA - Summer 2012)
Be on a tv show
Shark Tank Water Slide (Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, NV - July 2011)
Go to Holi
Wizarding World of Harry Potter (My birthday, 2015)
Throw pizza dough in the air (London - summer 2016, still practicing)
No car for a year (completed NYC - Dec. 2015)
Suspension bridge (Vancouver - Summer 2013)
Make a little painting on the John Lennon wall in Prague
Ride in a classic car in Cuba (Havana, Cuba – July 2012)
Go crab fishing, then eat too much
Move to California (Oct. 2011)
See the tall tall Redwoods (Northern Cali – Summer 2013)
Have my own garden
Have my fortune told (Tarot Cards at Casa Guatemala, Rio Dulce – December 2016)
NBA game (Denver Nuggets vs. Philadelphia 76ers, Denver, CO - Winter 2010)
Go on a cruise (Carnival Inspiration from Long Beach, CA - July 2014)
Kiss behind a waterfall (sort of/while swimming, Cuba - August 2012...waiting for the perfect one though)
Pompeii  (August 2016)
Surf  (San Diego, CA - Summer 2012)
Throw a dart at a map and go there (dart landed: Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska)
Go to New York and see Rent! (Fall 2005)
Ride in a go cart
Visit New Orleans and learn about voodoo (September 2015)
Eat lobsters in Maine,...notice that plural
Own something from Tiffany's (5th Anniversary, Soho, London, UK - June 2016)
Drive an  InfinitiG37 convertible
Swim with Dolphins (Cozumel - Dec. 2014)
Voodoo Donuts (Portland, OR – Summer 2013)
Ride a camel (Sahara Desert - March 2016)
Great Pyramids
Crash an Indian wedding
Take a photo with the Hollywood sign (Griffith Park Observatory, LA - Summer 2012)
See the US Capitol (trip to DC - Feb. 2014)
Play paintball (San Diego - Summer 2012)
Space Needle (Summer 2005)
Jump from Skytower in Auckland
Paint a watercolor at a little café in Italy (Florence - December 2015)
Sing along to an Irish pub song (Cork, Ireland - May 2016)
Ride a horse on the beach (Rosarito, Mexico - September 2012)
See The Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David (Brussels, Belgium - January 2016)
Learn to snowboard (Boulder, CO - February 2011)
Ski (Burlington, VT - March 2015)
Be a bridesmaid (California - Summer 2014)
Take a Marilyn Monroe photo in Hollywood (LA - Fall 2013)
Napa (Fall 2013)
Go through canal channel locks (Eerie Canal - Fall 2015)
Slow dance in the street
Auschwitz (March 2016)
Ride an elephant (Elephant park on a jungle trek, Chiang Mai, Thailand - Dec. 2013)
Bungee jump
Try escargot (Hugo's Celler, Las Vegas, NV - July 2011)
Underwater rollercoaster in Japan
Send a message in a bottle (Coronado Beach, San Diego, CA - March 2012)
The Tate, the Louvre, and the Met (London - Jan/Feb 2016, Paris - September 2016, and NYC - Fall 2007)
Loy Kratong Festival
See a Manhattenhenge (42nd Street, May 2014 and 53rd Street - July 2014)
Let go of 100 balloons at one time
Saint Petersburg
Try sand surfing
Hike the Inca Trail (August 2014)
Immersion experience (Casa Guatemala – November 2016)
Lay on the ice (frozen lake, Burmingham, VT - Jan. 2014)
For my love of trees: Baobab, Japanese Wisteria (Kennington, London - Spring 2016), Dripping Willow (Prambanan, Java, Indonesia - Dec. 2013), Cherry Trees (NYC - March 2014), Dragon Blood, Creeping Cotton Silk (Angkor Wat, Cambodia - Jan. 2014) and Rainbow Eucalyptus
Socotra Island
Throw an adult dinner party
Travel alone (Florence, Italy - December 2015)
Cook a perfect rack of lamb
Paint balloon & darts painting
Great Wall of China
Kiss the Blarney Stone (May 2016)
Volunteer on a project in another country
Walk-in closet
Kentucky Derby
Ascot "move your bloomin' arse!" (February 2016)
Drink Chianti in Tuscany (December 2015)
Visit the Highlands (West Highlands and Isle of Skye with my parents - August 2016)
Walk a red carpet
Parthenon & Pantheon (Athens - May 2016, Rome - December 2015)
'Chill out' in Amsterdam (June 2016)
Sound of Music tour (July 2016)
Stand on the Prime Meridian or Equator (Royal Observatory Prime Meridian line, London - June 2016)
KitchenAid Mixer
Go to a roller derby
Someone win me a giant stuffed animal
Swim the Blue Lagoon or Dead Sea
Get a photo waving from a trolley car
Kiss in the snow on a quiet winter night
Henna (Marrakech, Morocco - March 2016)
Ait Benhaddou (March 2016)
Learn to make ramen (February 2016)
Cursed Child (August 2016), Studio Tour (January 2016), and Potter Trail (June 2016)
Zipline (Peru - August 2014)
Go sailing (San Diego - July 2012)
Restore an old house and live in it
Fenway Park (Fall 2015), Yankee Stadium (summer 2014), AT&T Park (September 2013)
Hot air balloon
Learn to scuba dive (Utila, Honduras - December 2016)
Helicopter ride over the volcanoes in Hawaii
See an opera
Haiku stairs
Pet a sloth, duh
Sleep in a tree
Dog sledding
Take a flight lesson
See the Last Supper
Go to horseback riding lessons
Kayak in Vietnam (sort of/rode in canoe January 2014)
Give a homeless person a wrapped Christmas present
See Sri Lankan elephant gathering
Ride a gondola in Venice
Go on a pub crawl (jumped in without paying in Krakow - March 2016)
Yellowstone, Zion, Bryce Canyon
Booze cruise
Oktoberfest (the real one)
Istanbul (one city, two continents)
Celebrate 321 holidays with foreign natives (Friend's wedding, Helsinki, Finland - June 2016, Dia de Muertos, Oaxaca, Mexico - Oct/Nov 2016)
Cricket match (London, England - Summer 2016)
Become well-versed in finance
Learn to actually speak Spanish
Buy French lingerie from a little shop
Make art every single day for a month
Walk something (walk for days and camp)
Hiking in the caves in Utah
Go rock climbing in a gym (London - August 2016)
Go rock climbing in real life
Learn some tai chi
Wear a beautiful gown and feel stunning
Learn to make sushi
Volcano boarding, yeah it's a thing
Complete a photo scavenger hunt
Learn to make fancy coffees
See tulip fields
35 countries by 35
Ride a steam train (Fort William, Scotland - August 2016)
Take the Zephyr train
Play sqaush
Swim in an infinity pool
Go to dog show
Milford Sound
Giant's Causeway
Play Dungeons & Dragons
Crazy photos at Bolivia salt flats
Eat sushi in Japan
See a hoodoo / fairy chimney
Stay the night in a castle
The Wave, Arizona
Visit an American ghost town
See a kangaroo
Go ice fishing
Sleep in a pod hotel in Japan
The rainforest
Tomorrowworld (Atlanta - September 2014 and September 2015), Tomorrowland Brasil, Tomorrowland Belgium
Eat pizza in Naples (August 2016)
Drink vodka in Russia
Learn to dive again (hands first kind, like in a pool)
Make a pie
House-sit for a stranger in a new county
Teach English abroad (Guatemala - November 2016)
Palio di Siena
Ride in a tiny plane somewhere remote
Half Dome
Go to a body building competition
Learn to butcher meat
Make my own cheese
Work on a farm
Check out (participate?) a nudist beach
Go to a beauty pagent
Stay on a house boat
Ride a tandem bicycle
Try contouring makeup and see how weird I probably look
Join a sports club like bocce ball, bowling, ping pong, or curling
Go on a police ride-along
Dive to the underwater sculptures in Cancun
Dive the Great Barrier Reef

What's on your list?